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Ladies and gentlemen ! Welcome on website of travel company SOLARE Travel Group / CОЛАРЭ Трэвел Групп!! For you: Tours all over the world! The best special offers! All the kinds of tourism services in ITALY! There is a discount programm at our company! If you have any questions about service quality or a tour you have bought at our company, please do not hesitate to send SMS to the number +7 (965)245-00-53.Travel with us!



Company SOLARE Travel Group congratulates our Italian colleagues and partners with the 1st of Novermber- All saints day! подробнее...


Israel is a leader in international tourism. Blessed land. Three religions closely intertwined in a small plot of land, three seas wash the... подробнее...

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Representative office in Italy

Office in Rome
phone./fax: +(39) 06-54832833 , +(39) 06-54834000
Working hours
Monday-Friday.:from 8-30 to 18-30 (Rome time).
Sunday:Day off
Saturday.:Day off
e-mail: info@solare-travel.ru
address:00143, Viale Luca Gaurico 9/11, business-center The Rome EUR Centre, Rome Italy

Where to buy


  • Sokolnicheskaya
    • метро station Yugo-Zapadnaya
      Pokrishkina street 1 build 2, 3 floor
      phone : +7 (495) 221-71-01
      phone: +7(495) 221-71-02.
      +7 (495)221-71-01

  • Kaluzhsko-Rijskaya
    • метро station Kalujskaya
      Leninsky prospekt 101, 1 floor, 3A office
      phone: +7 (495) 221-71-50
      +7 (495)221-71-01

  • Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya
    • метро station Krilatskoe
      Osennyi boulevard 12, Shopping mall " Krilatskyi" 1 floor 102 A office
      phone: +7 (495) 502-7744
      +7 (495)221-71-01

Special offer!!!FOR FREE till 30.11.2011

Dear colleagues!!

If you have opened your travel agnecy recently, we can help you to organise your business - cooperation-to join our network of travel agencies SOLARE Travel Group till 30.11.2011 FOR FREE!!!!

We are ready to cooperate not only with Moscow, Moscow region but also with regions.

SOLARE Travel Group is an Italian network of travel agencies and touroperator over Italy. Our company offers tours all over the world.

Growth of profitability was and always will be main motivation for a travel agency to join the network.And profitability in our business can grow by next points:

  • increase of sales;
  • reduction of expenses;
  • growth of profitability of every sale (in our case – growth of commission fee);

  • Participation in the network of agencies «SOLARE TRAVEL GROUP» is aimed to solve the problem of a business to grow its profitability.

    You get:

    • Higher commission for sold tourism products and services of leading touroperators (with holding independence of an agency and absence of points of sales) ;
    • Free access and favourable service of a search system “ Tourindex”;
    • Automation of tourism activity (access to network version of a programm “Samo-Turagent”);
    • Free advertising support in volume that Management company will determine (print media, Internet, other mass media);
    • Free placement of information about your agency in Internet and on website of the network www.solare-travel.ru with built-in search system (ready instrument of sales);
    • Free consultations on different aspects of tourism business in case of disputable sitautions with tourists and touroperators;
    • Participation in loyalty programm for customers (discount programm);
    • Juridical ant technical support (description of services you can see below);
    • Partnership programms: insurance of tourists, travel simcards Gudlain, real estate abroad and other services).
    • Additional advertising support;
    • Assistance in replacement or fabrication and installation of a new outdoor sign;
    • Compensation up to 50% for fabrication of a new outdoor sign (or on our company);
    • Services of a designer (consultations on questions of office design, advertising models for different kind of advertising medium) ;
    • Assistance in fabrication of personal advertising production, brand-book;
    • Assistance in selection, teaching and improvement of professional skills of personnel;
    • Territorial exclusivity of office location;
    • Preparation of answers for tourists' presentation (amount of answers per month is not limited), term of execution is not more than 3 working days);
    • Pre-trial preparation;
    • Representation of interests of an agency at the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration tribunal (amount of legal processes at courts of general jurisdiction and arbitrage tribunals per a year 1(one) legal process);
    • Efficient verbal legal consultation on legal points of tourism business and in case of conflict situations with state structure and clients (tourists);
    • Other juridical services within the bounds of concluded agreement;
    • Technical support of computer equipment (two units) with visit of a master to the office of sales (not more than twice per month).

    • Аnd the most important thing - Common multichannel phone number +7 (495 221-71-50 (daily from 9-00 to 21-00); Territotial exclusivity of office location within the zone of call-centre service; Redistribation of all incoming calls to the office of an agency, in case of compliance of territorial location of the office and needs of a customer.

      With every agency which wants to join the network «SOLARE TRAVEL GROUP»,we obligatory hold an individual discussion, in case of need we can visit office of sales. On base of negotiations we make decision about final conditions of cooperation.

      Dear friends!Lets work together!

      Он-лайн журнал по туризму Russia-Italy

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