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Ladies and gentlemen ! Welcome on website of travel company SOLARE Travel Group / CОЛАРЭ Трэвел Групп!! For you: Tours all over the world! The best special offers! All the kinds of tourism services in ITALY! There is a discount programm at our company! If you have any questions about service quality or a tour you have bought at our company, please do not hesitate to send SMS to the number +7 (965)245-00-53.Travel with us!



Company SOLARE Travel Group congratulates our Italian colleagues and partners with the 1st of Novermber- All saints day! подробнее...


Israel is a leader in international tourism. Blessed land. Three religions closely intertwined in a small plot of land, three seas wash the... подробнее...

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On behalf of general director.

Dear colleagues and our favorite tourists!

Let me on behalf of our company SOLARE Travel Group greet you on our website! As a director of the company SOLARE Travel Group in Russia I give all my positive energy, love,significance and experience that your trip to the chosen country give you only nice emotions and memories. In my opinion success of any trip depends not so much on the chosen direction, budget and time of year as on a qualitative organization of your recreation or business trip. That is why it is important that reliable company is responsible for your trip!I try to do everything in order you have wish to come back to our company again and again. So we control very carefully service quality of all our customers.

For me one of the most imortant skill that every successful manager must have is right, well-wishing and competent communication with customers. Also it is important to say that our managers annually take part in get-to-know trips and seminars to different countries in order to improve professional level, that allows them to orientate easily on the world market of resorts and hotels and gives an opportunity to our customers to get full and urgent information, valuable recommendations, impartial assessment of a trip and different variations of prices which are comfortable first of all for you.

We are proud of our service and quality of holding every trip.We are very glad if your trip to the chosen country begins from us and we will be extremely glad if you use services of our network of travel agencies SOLARE Travel Group more than once.

Best regards,
General director
Svetlana Anikina

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